Top 3 European Cities for First-Time Solo Backpackers

For first-time solo backpackers, it’s wise to choose your destination carefully depending of course on a set of criteria that makes sense to you. Some factors to consider are budget, difficulty level of transport, language, and sights/things to do. These 3 European cities are recommended for travelers who are doing solo-travel backpacking for the first time.


  1. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest has a lot to offer in terms of culture and sights to see, and it’s perfect for backpackers for the main reason that it’s a great base to start with if you’re headed to other European cities, such as Prague and Vienna which are only a couple of hours away, while Slovenia and Germany are just a day away from this capital. Its central location is what makes it an excellent choice for those planning a multi-city trip.


Hungary’s capital is perfect for culture lovers. Budapest is home to a great selection of museums and parks for a dose of history, art, and nature. Other things you can enjoy in Budapest are the Turkish Baths, and of course, the cuisine and the beer.


  1. Berlin, Germany

If what you have in mind is a destination that’ll make for the best value for money based on the vast possibilities it has to offer, then Berlin is the best city for you to visit. It is a hotspot for culture, art, and nightlife, and its vibrant energy draws in a lot of tourists, especially backpackers. It’s also surprisingly among the cheapest European capitals to visit.


For history and art buffs, you will be delighted by how much Berlin has in store such as museums and galleries. A trip to the remains of the Berlin Wall must not be missed. Street art is aplenty and there’s a lot to see just by strolling around the city, which if done on foot will help you save your travel budget. Nightlife is also vibrant in Berlin, and it houses some of the best bars and clubs in Europe.


  1. Rome, Italy

This small Italian city is utterly picturesque, and is a great destination for a first-time backpacker because of how laid back and relaxing it can be to just take a stroll and admire the beautiful architecture, historic sights, and amazing cuisine. It’s also one of Europe’s most photogenic cities, so if you are a photographer, then it’s a no-brainer.


What’s great about Rome is that you can do a lot of things for free or on the cheap. The ruins such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, The Vatican, Roman Forum, and the Santa Cecilia Basilica are places you can enjoy without having to spend anything. You can also enjoy a quiet afternoon just hanging out by yourself at the Trevi fountain and Ville Borghese. You don’t need to have a lot of money to have a grand time in Rome. All you need is a great sense of adventure, and an empty stomach as Italian food here is among the best you will ever find.

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