Top 10 Beaches on the Rise

The usual lists of famous beaches tend to contain the same old places, but other beaches are becoming increasingly popular and set to take their places in the pantheon of the world’s best. Here are some of the beaches on the rise you need to visit now, before the maddening crowds do.

The Contenders from the Americas

One beach that’s already poised for fame is Tulum, Mexico, where accommodations range from megaresorts to thatched cabanas. Here you can enjoy diving in the green waters while above you looms the ancient Mayan ruins.

The Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas is also gaining a bit more recognition for its unique lengthy strip of pink sand. This place feels more about nature than a tourist resort, but that may change if the crowds start to arrive. The same is true of Bottom Bay, Barbados which has also been spared from development overkill.

Up and Coming Beaches of Asia

If you happen to be in Southeast Asia, make sure you visit El Nido, in Palawan, Philippines, where the waters are crystal clear and filled with more than 50 species of coral and marine life such as sea cows, dolphins, whales, and manta rays. The locals know of this place but foreigners don’t. Not for long though.

There’s also the Canggu Beach in Bali, Indonesia where the mood is unpretentious and laidback, and surfers enjoy serious breaks and gentle waves. When you’re in Thailand, visit the Maya Bay Beach, as so many people have already after it was featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach. There are crowds on some days, but even their presence won’t spoil the unbeatable beauty of the surroundings.

Or you can take some time to go horseback riding and boogie boarding in Natadola Beach, in Fiji, where the white sands beckon to so many people.

Rounding the List

The Egremni Beach, in Greece has become more popular since the 1990s, but there’s still room for everyone right now to enjoy the luminous blue waters and the sensational sunsets. But it’s not exactly the ideal spot for families with kids as there are nudists here.

That’s the same problem in Plage de Piémanson, France, but the lack of clothing may seem natural once you get a glimpse of the spectacularly pristine wilderness. It’s a bit obscure now, but because of the Internet a lot of people are learning about this glorious beach.

Finally, just off the Australian coast is Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. This is part of the Freycinet National Park. The coastal scenery is dominated by the white sand beneath your toes, and the green peaks and pink granite formations in the background. It’s like visiting a real-life postcard.

So there you have it. These beaches are all on the brink of superstardom, and while some are already popular, each one of these beaches is going to be much more well-known in the near future. They’re simply too beautiful to resist.

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