Top 10 Beach Destinations You Musn’t Miss

The perfect beach destination is a city where you have several choices of excellent beaches, plus other attractions besides the surf and sand. But these magical places aren’t as rare as you think—in fact, we have ten recommendations here for your next holiday.

Top Beach Destinations in the US

There are excellent beach destinations in the US, which prove that you don’t have to travel far for the perfect beach vacation. Among the favorites here is Miami Beach, in Florida which is separated from Miami by the Biscayne Bay. Miami Beach is a distinct geographical location, headlined by the nine miles of sandy beaches led by the renowned South Beach. In South Beach, you can also visit art deco buildings which are plentiful in the area.

Of course, Santa Monica in California also has its legion of fans, as it’s been the beach destination of choice for the Hollywood glitterati because of its 3½ miles of sandy beaches and a liberal atmosphere. But if you want a tropical flavor that’s still American, there’s always Honolulu and Waikiki Beach.

For something closer but not actually American, there’s Vancouver where there are ten beaches you can choose from. They range from the family-friendly Jericho Beach to the more adventurous Wreck Beach where clothing is “optional.”

European Beach Destinations

Europe is always a favorite destination of tourists, because here you can find culture and beach fun placed literally side by side. You can start with Nice, France where you can find as many as 35 beaches, although some are private.

Then there’s Barcelona, which is truly a breathtaking city even without the beaches because of the magnificent architecture, exciting cuisine, and hyperactive nightlife. And for the cream at the top, it has eight beaches along the Mediterranean.

You may also want to book a flight to Tel Aviv, which is like the wild younger sister to the prim and proper Jerusalem. During the day, political tensions are forgotten along the eight miles of sand you can literally walk from the town, or you can just hang out in the city’s promenade. At night, the partying never stops until dawn.

Exotic Beach Destinations

There are other superb beach destinations aside from those situated in North America and Europe. Many beach lovers gravitate towards Sydney, Australia because of the surf in the crescent of sand known as Bondi Beach. You can enjoy the sights of the whales from May to October and check out beautiful people in skimpy outfits.

Many are also aware of the truly exotic delights that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has to offer. With 25 miles of shoreline, you can hang out in Copacabana or find yourself a girl from Ipanema. This is the city of the Carnival, and you’re never going to be bored here.

And then finally there’s Cape Town in South Africa. Twenty beaches offer you a wide range of options. You can enjoy watching the sunset in the Clifton beaches, surf at Blouberg and Milnerton, or head on to the False Bay coast with the family for the warm water and the top kiddie favorite, tidal pools.

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