The Best Airlines in the US

There was a time when flying commercial was considered a “fashionable” way to travel. Now we have flight delays, denied boardings, lost luggage, compact spaces, fewer amenities, and higher prices. But before you completely convince yourself to avoid commercial flights, take a closer look at some of the best airlines in the US. Hopefully, this list can change your mind.

Virgin America

The hands-down winner in this category is Virgin America, as this airline of Sir Richard Branson is truly awesome. It has an impressive 83.5% on-time arrival rate, only 7 people per 100,000 were denied boarding, only 87 pieces of luggage per 100,000 was mishandled, and just 150 people per 100,000 file complaints. And even flying coach is better with Virgin than with any other airline, because the seats are more spacious, and you have USB connections and video and audio on demand for every coach seat.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue is another excellent choice for the affluent and even for the economy class. The width of the seats can handle even large individuals, and there’s plenty of legroom. The in-seat monitors have DIRECTV, and most planes have XM sat radio. It also boasts of a 79.1% on-time arrival rate, only a single passenger in every 100,000 was denied boarding, 188 bags per 100,000 were mishandled, and only 79 in 100,000 passengers filed a complaint.

Hawaiian Airlines

Now if you’re going to Hawaii, you’re in luck if you choose Hawaiian Airlines. This is the only plane to pick if you’re flying coach because the 32 inches of pitch (the distance between the back of the seat in front of you and the back of your own seat) and the 18-inch width of the seat make the trans-atlantic flight much more bearable. They have an impressive 93.4% on-time arrival rate as well. For every 100,000 passengers, only 18 people were denied boarding, 288 bags were lost, and 89 complaints were filed.

Other Options

Other airlines you should consider are AirTran Airways (87.1% on-time arrival rate, and for every 100K, 95 were denied boarding, 158 bags mishandled, and 91 filed complaints) and Delta Airlines (86.5% on-time arrival rate, and for every 100K, 51 were denied boarding, 210 bags mishandled, and 73 filed complaints).

Alaska Airlines is also a good choice (87.5% on-time arrival rate, and for every 100K, 63 were denied boarding, 293 bags mishandled, and 51 filed complaints). Then you have Frontier Airlines (77.9% on-time arrival rate, and for every 100K, 78 were denied boarding, 222 bags mishandled, and 105 filed complaints).

Rounding out the list is Southwest Airlines, (83.1% on-time arrival rate, and for every 100K, 84 were denied boarding, 308 bags mishandled, and 250 filed complaints).

You have to understand, though, that in general, the flight is not going to be as nice or as smooth as you’d hoped. That’s the sad reality of modern commercial airline flights these days especially if you’re on a budget. It’s for this reason you really need to think about where you’re going, rather than obsess about how you’re going to get there.


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