Reasons Why You Need to Explore Myanmar

Myanmar has long been shrouded in mystery as it has always been kind of closed off from the rest of the world. Tourism in Myanmar during the past couple of years has started to pick up, and this Asian gem is endowed with rich and exotic culture, beautiful traditions, and friendly people. Here are the main reasons why Myanmar is a great idea to add to your next trip to Asia.


  1. Breathtaking temples

Myanmar boasts of having the most beautiful temple ruins in Asia. There are over 4000 temples in the ancient city of Bagan, and a lot of them are unforgettable in beauty, as their architecture and intricate details are visual delights. Bagan temples are among the least touristy ones in Asia, and are those that are really worth visiting as they are very well-preserved. You can even rent a bike and explore this area even further for a more in-depth discovery of Burmese culture.


  1. Untouched landscapes

The countryside of Myanmar are breathtaking and lush with unspoiled greenery and landscapes that are exquisite and picturesque. As Myanmar lacks modern infrastructure, its land area is mostly untouched, and makes for a great adventure for one to go exploring on a bike or on trails.


  1. Shopping experience like no other

Since Myanmar has shut itself to modern, outside influences, shopping here is a whole new different experience as well. You’ll surely get to learn a lot about Burmese culture through their handicrafts, handmade goods, and artwork. You’ll be hard-pressed to find these goods such as lacquer ware elsewhere in Asia. What’s wonderful about it is that you get to support the local artisans and help them preserve their talent and skill. Souvenirs from Myanmar are a must buy.


  1. Delectable local cuisine

Burmese cuisine is a rarity elsewhere in the world, and you’ll be surprised at how their food is a beautiful fusion of Chinese, Thai, and Indian ingredients that create distinct flavors that are both new and familiar to your taste buds (if you are accustomed to Asian food). Their cuisine makes use of curries and spices, as well as noodles, fresh vegetables, and spicy soups. It thrives on healthy and fresh ingredients.


  1. Friendly Burmese people

The Burmese people are among the friendliest, most hospitable people you’ll ever meet in Asia. You will be surprised to find out that they’re actually very welcoming to tourists and most of the time they will be willing to show you around their country with all smiles. They are eager learners of the English language, and they are not one to be shy to practice it around you.


Surely you’ll even meet a couple of monks during your travels, as 1% of Myanmar’s population are actually monks. The monks here are very friendly and accommodating, and it’s highly recommended you try to interact with them during your stay.


If there’s one country that is fast becoming Asia’s next top destination for all the right reasons—rich culture, friendly and hospitable people, breathtaking architecture and unspoiled nature, not to mention affordability— it’s definitely Myanmar. Set out for an unforgettable and authentic experience that’ll truly make for amazing travel stories and memories.

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