Hanoi: The Perfect Destination for Culture-Loving Couples

One of Southeast Asia’s true gems lie in the North of Vietnam, an old city soaked in both influences of rich Asian and European cultures. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, may not be as cosmopolitan and developed as Vietnam’s bustling hub in the South namely Ho Chi Minh City, but this city is definitely packed with the right dose of laid-back charm and mystique that’s totally the best backdrop for a romantic getaway for traveling lovers.


Here are 3 things you and your partner can enjoy in the colorful city of Hanoi:


  1. Take a stroll near the many lakes of Hanoi

What’s truly notable about this city is that it is endowed with many lakes. The most popular (and the most beautiful) one is Hoan Kiem Lake, located in the historic area of the city center, near the Old Quarter. It’s by far the most iconic place in the city, thanks to the famous Turtle Tower located in the middle of the lake, the Tuc bridge heading to Ngoc Son Temple, and the lush flower beds and flowering trees surrounding the lake. No matter what time of day you take a stroll around this beautiful lake, it never ceases to be romantic, so much so that a lot of local Vietnamese couples choose to have their pre-wedding photos with this lake as the backdrop.


  1. Soak yourself in culture at the Old Quarter

Hanoi is a cultural melting pot, and the Old Quarter is the best place to get lost in exploring art, antiques, Vietnamese crafts, local music and dancing, and of course, amazing street food and local bia (beer). This area is always bustling with vibrant energy and you’ll enjoy going from shop to shop exploring all the unique and cheap finds. If you’ve got time to spare, you and your partner can join a Vietnamese cooking class together and learn how to make those unforgettable fresh spring rolls!


  1. Explore art galleries and museums

If you explore Hanoi’s main shopping street, Hang Gai, as well as the many neighboring streets along this road, you’ll be dazzled by the many art galleries that showcase local artists’ talent, from intricate oil paintings, to traditional weavings hailing from the indigenous tribes in Sapa, to antique ceramics and of course, beautiful silk clothing. You can also check out Hang Da Galleria which houses small galleries and specialty stores in a multi-story building.


For a more, in-depth exploration of traditional Vietnamese art, you must head on over to Vietnam Fine Arts Museum which showcases an expansive collection of artwork and artifacts. The most notable ones are their collection of antique Buddhas, silk paintings, and a large collection of antique pottery.


Whatever you and your partner end up doing in Hanoi, you will discover how this city just begs to be explored, and is one that truly has a lot to offer. Bask in the busy humdrum of the city, the cool breeze, the flowering trees that line up the streets, the intricate French-Indochine architecture, and truly you’ll be hard-pressed not to fall in love with Hanoi.

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