Best U.S. Destinations for Partying

If you’re in the mood to party on your vacation, you don’t have to go far. In the US, you’ve got lots of places to choose from, whether it’s spring break, a long summer, or any weekend for that matter.

So here are a few places you need to go to celebrate and have fun:

  • Miami (including Miami Beach). Seriously, this town seems to party every night especially in the South Beach area. There’s a good reason why it’s called “America’s Riviera”, and you can party in cool clubs and trendy lounges, while you sip your expensive cocktails and enjoy the sight of hot women (and hot guys).
  • Las Vegas. Here you can actually celebrate day and The party scene is wild, and famous DJs showcase their skills in tastefully designed clubs and casinos. Even a hotel suite can be the scene of a truly crazy party.
  • New York City. If a city claims that it’s the greatest in the world, there must really be numerous festive activities, and you can say that of NYC. If there’s a specific kind of party you want, it’s happening in the Big Apple. From the laidback hipster scene to frenetic clubs, everything you want for fun can be found right here.
  • New Orleans. The rep of “The Big Easy” took a hit because of Katrina, but for the people in New Orleans that’s ancient history. When darkness falls, the French Quarter wakes up with a vibrant energy that’s hard to resist. And then there’s the Mardi Gras.
  • Honolulu. It’s not all about the beach when you’re in the Hawaiian capital. While you can actually hold a bash in a beach hut, you can also dance the night away in the clubs downtown or rock to live music in Chinatown bars. The party center now is in Kaka‘ako, which is a neighborhood on the rise with its distinct bars and lounges.
  • Austin. The Texans know how to party, and in Austin you’re not going to run out of options for music venues and “strange” bars. The music venues are a-plenty and 6th street is the best place for bars. And when school’s in session, the college boys and girls from Longhorn University can show you a whopping good time.
  • Chicago. The natives of the city are usually chill and relaxed, but then again you’ve got a lot of party options here in Chicago too. Some rooftop lounges can really throw a shindig, while the underground clubs are thrumming with live hip-hop and rock music.
  • Los Angeles. The nightlife scene here ends a bit early, and by 2AM the denizens are usually home. But what makes hanging out in the various clubs and bars in LA is the off chance you get to rub elbows with a celebrity.
  • Key West. The festivals in the Key West can rock the Party Richter Scale, especially when you head on directly to Duval Street. With its teeming clubs and bars, this street is known as the “Bourbon Street of Florida”.

This list should be enough to give you lots of good time. In these cities, it’s as if every day is a weekend for a party.

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