Best Destinations for Some Much Needed R and R

For some people, it’s not about adventure, parties, or cultural enrichment. It’s about getting away from it all, and giving your body, mind, and spirit some time to relax. If serenity is what you seek, you can find your personal Nirvana in any of these destinations:

  • The Big Island, Hawaii. In Oahu you get the partygoers and the surfers, in Maui the family get to have lots of fun, and romantic couples go to Kauai. But on the Big Island, what you get is peace and quiet to settle the nerves, plus you get to enjoy the gorgeous beaches too.
  • US Virgin Islands. Life is slower here, and you’ll feel your heart rate slow down as your tension goes away.  Some of the beaches are totally secluded, so you can be alone while you drink your margarita in the unspoiled magnificence of the Caribbean.
  • Sedona, Arizona. This tiny town has the best upscale resorts where spa treatments abound. Outside the hotels, you can relax with casual hikes surrounded by red rocks and the soothing vortexes. The stunningly colorful surroundings will surely soothe your senses, and in fact this place is often mentioned whenever an experienced traveler publishes a list of the most beautiful places in the US.
  • Yellowstone, Wyoming. If you spend your days cooped up in a small office, the fresh outdoors of Yellowstone will be like cool spring water for one who’s dying of thirst. Among the geysers, waterfalls and the ubiquitous plant life, your soul can be refreshed while you breathe in some fresh air.
  • Naples, Florida. Relaxation can mean many different things to different people, and Naples can probably accommodate all of them. If you want to spend a day at the spa, you can find them nearly everywhere in Naples. Sunbathing? You got it. If a round of golf is your idea of rest and relaxation, then you can spend an afternoon in one of the many golf courses here. And if retail therapy is your cup of tea, then bring your credit card with you as the galleries and upscale retail shops are waiting for you.
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina. While you can enjoy yourself here with acitivities like fishing, windsurfing, and horseback riding, the main reason people visit Outer Banks in North Carolina is because of the empty but beautiful beaches lining the area. There are no boardwalks, no flashy resorts, and no obnoxious spring breakers to mess with your meditation.
  • Napa Valley, California. It’s said that when monks first found out how to make wine from grapes, they considered it a divine gift from God. So in Napa Valley, receive the gift of a glass of wine with grace, and just relax. And everywhere you go, you can find a gourmet establishment to nourish your body as well as an array of stress-busting spa treatments to nurture your spirit.

As you can see, you don’t have to go to a faraway foreign land for some R and R. Besides, by staying in the US you get to cut down on the travel hours, and that will really help with your quest for tranquility.

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