5 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love with Marrakech

Morocco is a country steeped in beautiful, vibrant culture, and Marrakech is a destination that’s fast becoming a sought-after metropolis for travelers seeking for a unique, exotic experience. Located in the west of Morocco, this city has a lot to offer in terms of exciting things to do and intriguing places to explore.


  1. Marrakech’s many souks

Moroccan culture and artistry takes a spotlight in Marrakech’s numerous souks (markets), and it’s a great way to get to know the people of Marrakech—through their goods. There are loads of interesting and exotic finds you can find at the souks, such as spices, carpets, textiles with intricate patterns and made of indigenous materials, ceramics and antiques, woolen hats, ornaments, jewelry, and even magic supplies. The souks are what truly define the ultimate Marrakech experience, and these markets are not like any other you can find in the world. You must visit the souks in the Medina, which is a maze-like sprawl of stores that’s surely worth a full day of exploration.


  1. Riads for a taste of the luxurious Marrakech life

For a truly unique and exotic experience in this city, you can opt to stay at Riads, which are luxurious guesthouses that are better options for accommodation than hotels, if you’re looking for a more authentic stay. Bask in the radiant glow of the Moroccan lamps and the intricacies of their furnishings and décor. Make your stay even more unforgettable with your choice of accommodations. Riads aren’t that expensive, and are usually options where you can get a good value for your money.


  1. Delicious Moroccan Cuisine

Your taste buds are truly in for an enchanting treat in this city, as you will be indulging in a vast array of tastes and spices that define Moroccan cuisine. Try a tagine, which is a good dish for an authentic Moroccan meal, and don’t skip the couscous, which are grains that are a staple in the cuisine. Moroccan mint tea is a great palate cleanser, too, after a hearty meal.


  1. Beautiful art and historical museums

This city will spoil you with its majestic museums, such as the Dar Si Said museum, Maison de la Photographie, and the Douiria Mouassine. While this city is soaked in history, it doesn’t scrimp in its collection of modern art, as it has numerous galleries that feature local and contemporary art, and they even have their own Marrakech Biennale.  Marrakech truly has a vibrant and thriving art scene that’ll surely be a treat to art lovers.


  1. Magnificent historic tombs

Marrakech is home to the Saadian tombs located inside an ancient walled garden near the Kasbah Mosque. This iconic destination is a splendor on its own, featuring grand spectacles of ancient architecture, with walls full of Arabic text and structures that have been preserved for centuries. This unforgettable place must not be missed if you are traveling to Marrakech.

Marrakech is simply thriving with vibrant and eclectic culture of both old and new, and it is a city that must not be missed when you’re in Morocco.

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